Saturday, January 08, 2005

Swedish National News Agency TT continues war of words against Israel

Swedish National News Agency (TT)continues
its manipulation of the words and falsification of the truth
in Middleast conflict.
The news are changed by comments and choise of words in the most antiisraeli manner.
read here-in Swedish
Compare with the original short telegram from AFP
read AFP here
Suprise,suprise,even the arabic news TV channel Aljazeera
gives better,objective and correct picture of the incident,
without emotional antiisraeli distortions and propaganda trics.

read Aljazeera here

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Isolation of Israel from the world community

You're unlikely to learn this in the world's newspapers, but Israel
was among the first nations to offer help to those affected by last
week's terrible disaster in south Asia.

It sent doctors, supplies and set aside $100,000 for each nation hit by
the recent tsunamis, according to reports in the Jewish Telegraph Agency
(JTA). This wouldn't be such a big deal, except that reports of nations
offering help released by the United Nations and printed in newspapers
worldwide, don't include it. They do, however, include the donations
several other countries whose contribution were as much or less. One
report lists donations of personnel and material separately. Israel,
which sent four top doctors from its Hadassah Hospital (including its
head of general surgery and trauma, its chief of pediatrics and two
anesthesiologists,) to Sri Lanka, the JTA reports, was not mentioned.

You may not know that the American Jewish World Service expected to send
its first shipment of medicine Tuesday to Sri Lanka, Indonesia and
India. The JTA reports the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
is working with its office in Bombay and elsewhere to coordinate efforts
to provide food, water, clothing and shelter to affected countries.
B'nai B'rith is accepting donations to help victims, and an Orthodox
outreach group in Thailand also responded to the crisis. It dispatched a
rabbi to Phuket to aid rescue efforts, and turned three of their
Thailand outposts into crisis centers where survivors can call home,
have a free meal or receive funds for new clothing and medical help.

You also might not learn, unless you searched the information out like I
did, that there were perhaps 200 Jewish victims of the disaster still
missing as of Tuesday, according to Israel's Foreign Ministry, which
told the JTA that at least 33 Israelis are receiving treatment in
hospitals in the region. I've read about the terrible losses suffered in
this disaster by citizens of many other nations, but not a word about
these people, which include a Belgian Jewish couple whose 11 month old
son was reportedly ripped from their arms and drowned.

In the same issue Tuesday, the JTA reported about a couple of Israeli
scientists making a breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS, which follows
closely on the heals of the two Israeli scientists recently awarded the
Nobel Prize for their breakthrough in cancer treatment. But that's
another story you're not likely to read much of in the mainstream press.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I can't think of an innocent explanation for the
omission of Israel's contributions to this and other humanitarian
efforts worldwide by the UN and the world's main media outlets. I can't
help feeling it's a not-so-subtle attempt to isolate Israel and the
Jewish people from the world community, at least in print and therefore
in public opinion, even while Israel and many Jews go about the business
of behaving like human beings.

Not that they're doing what they do for recognition, but it's enormously
frustrating that this keeps happening. For instance, did you know that
Israel was the first country in the world, even before the United
States, to conduct a national moment of silence for the 9/11 victims?
This was done even as many Palestinians shouted, danced and handed out
candy. Maybe you didn't know about that, either.

The UN should just admit it despises the Jewish state and the Jewish
people, has no intention of ever recognizing anything positive either
ever does, and dispense with the pretense of fairness once and for all.
But dispelling the myth that Israel in particular and Jews in general
are the world's bad guys is imperative not just to combat growing
worldwide anti-Semitism, but also for Jews who might, if they rely on
the mainstream media for information, be starting to question
themselves. Not to worry , though, the humanity of the people the former
head of Malaysia recently accused of "inventing" human rights remains
intact, no matter what you read or don't read in the paper.

UN despises the Jewish State

Did Arabs win the language war ?

Arab Victories in the Language War by Daniel Pipes

"The Palestinians' wording dominates English-language usage, helping them win the war for public opinion......In an era when the battle for public opinion has an importance that rivals the clash of soldiers, the Palestinians' success in framing the issues has won them critical support among politicians, editorial writers, academics, street demonstrators, and NGO activists. In the aggregate, these many auxiliaries keep the Palestinian effort alive.
Arabs may have fallen behind Israel in per capita income and advanced weaponry, but they lead by far on the semantic battlefield. Who, a century back, would have imagined Jews making the better soldiers and Arabs the better publicists?"

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Swedish National News Agency circulates conspiracy theories.

The Swedish News Agency TT (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå) is circulating
anti-Israeli conspiracy theories. TT is also spreading Arab rumours about
the cause of the recent death of Yassir Arafat.(20 december 2004)

"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will come to regard it as a fact",
said Nazi master propagandist, Joseph Goebbels. TT seams to accept Goebbels'
methods in order to make the myth about Israel's responsibility for the
death of the PLO Chairman.

Despite denials of such rumours by attending French doctors, the Arab media
are being flooded by theories that the patriarch of terror has been poisoned
by the Israelis.

second biggest swedish newspaper
Today's Swedish Telegram headline(20/12-2004) proclaims "'Arafat was poisoned' claims
his colleague" and renders still another anti-Israeli conspiracy theory
about Israeli culpability. "Proof" is that Arafat threw up after shaking
hands with a few people just a week after Ariel Sharon, the Israel Prime
Minister wished to "get rid of" the terrorist leader.

TT's interest in anti-Israeli conspiracies goes back to the 1980's, when
Stefan Hjerten.Hjerten is one of the agency's leading foreign correspondents,during many years responsible for "israeli desk".He is a person who promoted in 80-ies
the Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson, who claimed that "the alleged Nazi gas
chambers" and "the alleged "genocide of Jews" are creating a giant political
and economic deception, that is mainly used by the state of Israel and the
international Zionism".

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Palestinian propaganda in Sweden

look here

look here

PGS- Palestinian Groups in Sweden, can provide the best speakers,
if you want one.May be for your trade union,or social event,or school,university,whatever.
Among the volonteaures of palestinian indoctrination one can spot such name
as Kent Härstedt,a parliament member of the ruling socialdemocratic party,
known because of his work with alkohol taxes in Sweden.
He worked in different UN institutions,and was a close assistent of Mr Pierre Schori,
known antiisraeli diplomat from old Palme school.
So the man who shaped Swedish foreign policy against Israel is now a palestinian
volonteer propagandist.He has even worked as journalist in Svenska Dagbladet,Arbetarbladet and Helsinborgs Dagblad.
An interesting combination of the massmedia influencial publicist,
swedish foreign ministry policy maker and true friend of palestinian groups in Sweden,working
for their case.
swedes in propaganda buziness

Even Ms Helena Johanson is an interesting hidden palestinian resource in swedish life.
She not only volonteers with palestinian propaganda sessions,but works
as international secretary in TCO-a huge trade union for civil servants. An important figure in swedish
trade union life.She is a nurse too,and she worked with palestinians in refugee camps
in Libanon,she even visited Libanon as a guide.

Pro-Palestinian activist- future PrimeMinister in Sweden ?

PM Göran Persson supports strongly Ms Ulrica Messing as a future PM.
Ms Ulrica Messing is one of the most powerful politicians in our goverment.
Today,as minister of integration,Ms Messing respons for the central and unsolved problem in Swedish society.
Ms Messing was very active in pro palestinian activities
during a few decades. In 1992 she was one of three members of Parliament who asked
goverment to react in UN for total boycott of the State of Israel ,"if the Palestinian state will not emerge soon" Another of the activists was parliament member Kent Karlsson,read about his "palestinian newtwork in Sweden" at this blog.
Ms Ulrica Messing was one of the many antiisraeli activists in powerful positions,like people around former FM Sten Andersson and Mr Sverker Åström in Foreign Department(the "grand old man" of Swedish diplomacy,former member of swedish nazi youth movement)
or former deputy PM Margareta Winberg (she said once in radio-I have never bought an israeli product whole my life)(today ambassador in Brasil)
Todays activists don`t act openly,but Ms Messing is their central figure.
PM Göran Persson takes part of the concervative and reactionery falang in his socialdemocratic party.

It is possible,that s.c. "palestinian question" is the trojan horse of this reactionery falang in the fight for power and shaping of the future of Sweden,in domestic and foreign policy as well)
On the other side there is a more progressive and open minded socialdemocratic falang,
which supports Ms Margot Wallström (now comissionaire in EU Parliament)
There is a strong tension between Ms Margot Wallström and PM Göran Persson.

Ms Ulrica Messing is the number one favorite to the PM work in the future.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Modern Arab Propaganda has incorporated Nazi Propaganda

Do You want to contact us ? Please write to

Information and facts are the best weapon.We have found a swedish site.

The Swedish Defence Research Agency has created a new research centre: The Centre for the Study of Low intensity conflicts and Terrorism (CLIENT).
swedish defence
go to "links" and than to "inst & uniw"- You will find more than 50 very informative
and very important links,many of them created by the israeli experts and "think tanks"

Information about Arab propaganda
look here

arab propaganda

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Swedish politicians of the governing party were a fierce activists for "Palestinian sake"

We will tell you an untold story of s.c."Palestinina Network in Sweden"
The name and the creation of this network was the work of a few persons.The leading
activist was a socialdemocratic memeber of swedish parliament,Mr Kent Carlsson.

The same Kent Karlsson made s.c "motion" ( to ask parliament for special agenda)to swedish parliament 1992.In this "motion", he and two other socialdemocratic parliament members, asked swedish goverment to "work for sanctions against state of Israel in UN
if there will be not results of peace process to create Palestinian state."
Two other parliamentarians were Ms Ulrica Messing-she had many different minister positions during last decennium.Ms Messing was always in responsible position,among other things as minister of sport,responsible for shaping of our youth.
Today Ms Messing is minister of INTEGRATION.

Mr Kent Karlsson had died many years ago,after long sickness.

The "Palestinian network in Sweden" had a very dynamic start. In the information letter nr 1/1993 from 1993-02-05,Mr Karlsson states that
- "the fax tree has grown,
and contains 20 organisations and persons "
- "the bank of prelegents is ready for use...spread the list of our speakers
till schools,organisations,unions and other who are looking for speakers to workshops, seminars,meetings etc"

(the document from Mr Kent Karlsson was always send in Parliaments official envelope
without stamps )
We will continue this story ,now we want to inform You,that among memebrs of
network one can see Ms Margareta Winberg ,later Swedish deputy PrimeMinister.
now swedish ambasador in Brasil.
One can see the name of the late prof jan Bergman,known from the Ahmed Rami scandal,
Mr Bergman was the zelaous witness of defence at the trial of this neo nazi islamistic activist.
Another interesting name is Mr Per Wirten,today a powerful opinion maker,through
his media institution Arena,a kind of media imperium ,a part of his imperium is "think tank" Agora.
Arena is not only the media propaganda mchine,it works through many other tools
of influence.Arena has antiisraeli and antisionistic agenda.

Through Agora the activists for "justice"peace in Middleast started an apel and resolution,take a look at all the names.(I presume somebody wrote the name of David Irving as a kind of resistance against this antiisraeli activism and propagandism)
media imperium

watch the names

So Mr Per Wirten was already 1993 a fierce fighter of "Palestinian cause"
and we must admit that he shaped a very effective and sofisticated propaganda
tool against State of Israel.
Here you can read in English about the antiisraeli activities of Arena
read here

this story will continue


One of the names at the list of network activists is Mr Per Gahrton,
the co-founder of the "miljöpartiet"(the greens)Mr Gahrton is a very known person in our country,through TV and newspapers (in november 19 ,Mr Gahrton wrote a long article in the Svenska Dagbladet ( slightly more to the right at swedish political scale) Gahrton den 19/11-04

He gave his credit to PM Persson for his journey to Arafats funeral,calling it
"the pro green symbolic". You must know,that a green party is very near of the coalition with socialdemocrats,which means that powerful antisionistic and antiisraeli force will be introduced in swedish politics.
Mr Gahrton is a living symbol of these antisionistic and in fact,often antisemitic sentiments. In 1988 he took part in the broadcasts of the nazi,islamistic radiostation Radio Islam ,a powerful tool of neonazi antisemtism,created by maroccan
emigrant and former member of socialdemocratic youth, Ahmed Rami. Nowedays his gigantic site speads antisemtism in many countries ,and we presume that the redactional staff must be quite big.
The site spreads e.g Mein Kampf in plenty languages,even in swedish
MIN KAMP-adolf hitler
So in this neonazi medium,Mr Gahrton (who is even the EU parliamentarist)
talked about the possible "jewish connection" in murder of our PM Olof Palme
jewish connection
and about "the sionists propaganda in Sweden" because of the attempts to fight against ramis radiostation or other reactions to antisionists/antisemitic voices
in Sweden (like known nun Ms Marianne who said "the Jews got the Holocaust at their minds")
sionists against freedom of speech

The intersting thing is,that 1988 when all the Jews in Sweden pointed out Ahmed Ramis
propaganda,Mr Gahrton neither understood it,nor tried to see Ahmeds neo nazi antisemtism.But he wasn`t alone.The official Sweden was silent very long time,
and many sc intelektuals defended Ahmed Ramis right to make his antijewish propaganda in Sweden.It was the first sign of the moral collaps in our society as far as antisemitism was concerned.
So,Mr Gahrton was an active memeber of the Palestinian Network too,togehter with communist parliamentarians from V-"leftist party" ,as Bertil Måbrink,Ingela Mårtensson.even other parties were represented, by Mr Hans Göran Frank,Anita Johansson and Gunnel Jonäng.
Låt oss remember,that we are talking about 1993 :Todays parliamentarians are much more active in media and different organisations.

to be continued

warm and wise

Ahmed Ramis site which defends Ms Gunnel Joäng because
of "attacks" from other politicians. Ahmed Ramis site : Ms Joäng wrote
a "very useful"and "awaking our minds" two articles in Dagens Nyheter 15/11-1987
"Wake up in Palestinian question"
"The warm and wise Ms Joäng" is the opinion of the neo nazi site
about one of the more important swedish politicians during 80-ies.

Ms Joäng (center party) was an important politician with influence.
During period 1981-1988 she was a member of foreign affairs committe
and member of swedish delegation at Nordic Council.

Please not,that 1987/88 three members of foreign affairs committe were de facto palestinian acitivists
Joäng c
Lööw s signature at apel "against occupation" by Agora
Måbrink v later memeber of Karlssons network

to be continued

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mr Göran Persson - we assure You - Arafats dream is neither Yours nor ours.

In februari 2004 young publicist Peter Wolodarski wrote
about moral breakdown of Sweden and Europe as well.
Moral breakdown because of blindness in the perception
of the Middleast conflict.Blindness toward killing of israeli
civilians and support to palestinian killers.
He wrote about our Prime Minister Görans Persson,who
called upon Holocaust conference 1999,and showed his deep
and sincere feelings toward victims of Holacaust.
The same man showed no sympathy or empathy toward
the living Jews in Israel,toward survivors and their
children and grandchildren.
moral breakdown

We thought about this,when we read Prime Ministers words
about "Arafats dream is ours too"
our dream

At the goverments official site, the statement is another:
"Arafats dream about justice and selfgoverning is ours too."

justice ?

"Ett tydligt, långvarigt och starkt engagemang kommer att krävas av oss alla. "

"The distinct and clear and long commitment (to the palestinian cause) will be
required by all of us."

We ask - what does Swedish PM mean by these words ?

Knappt fyra år tidigare, under Förintelsekonferensen i Stockholm,
hade de beundrat Göran Persson för att han tagit initiativ
till projektet "Levande historia". Hösten 2003 såg de bara hyckleri.
Sveriges statsminister helgonförklarar offren från Auschwitz,
men visar ingen sympati för de överlevande,
som i dag lever i terrorkrigets Israel.

Arafat's Nazi connection

Seeds of hate
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look here

look here